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Should you require Hambleton’s storage facilities, we are able to offer you an array of secure and discreet space to safely keep your personal belongings no matter how large or small. We can arrange storage at sites that are convenient to you and your home so you can have access whenever you feel necessary. Hambletons’s provide safe and secure storage for all, clean and modern containers with space tailored to fit your requirements. We are committed to making your short or long term storage needs as cost effective as possible without compromise.

During your storage stay, you can rest assured that your goods and valuables are being stored safely and securely, away from the elements in a dedicated Hambleton’s appointed warehouse. The buildings are alarmed and monitored and are fully insured for all contractual and public liabilities. You as the customer will see exactly what you are paying for as storage is charged per cubic foot. Each of our containers are 250 cubic feet, these are loaded with your goods at your house, you will see exactly how many - e.g. three containers = 750 cubic feet.


Once loaded at your house the containers are sealed, returned to the warehouse, off loaded and stacked four high using specialist reach trucks. They remain sealed until your belongings are being unloaded at your new home.


As you will be aware from reading security & care, with containerised storage your belongings are only handled twice, thus reducing any likelihood of damage or loss. A full inventory of goods is taken for each individual container therefore in the event that you might wish to retrieve any item prior to moving to your new property, this can be located with minimum upheaval.

Should you require our optional Hambleton’s all risk insurance, then we can provide this cover upon request. * Subject to the relevant costs at the time of the quotation.